Rick Nolan believes in the DFL

Rick Nolan won’t just seek the DFL endorsement and nomination. He will rebuild our party--from the University of Minnesota Campus to the streets of Austin, from the Red Lake Reservation to the Union Halls of the Iron Range and from the urban homes of our newest citizens to the farm homesteads of our oldest families!

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Bernie Sanders, Paul Wellstone and Floyd B. Olson

Rick Nolan will be the candidate in the race for Governor in the tradition of Bernie Sanders, Paul Wellstone and Floyd B. Olson that always will stand for the middle class, protecting the most vulnerable, and will fight  for equality, fairness and liberty.

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Nolan wins elections

Rick Nolan knows how to run and win a modern campaign as demonstrated by the strategic allied spending in his last race. Republicans have spent nearly $30 million to define Rick Nolan as too liberal, too progressive and too compassionate for Minnesota. Guess what? Isn’t that exactly who we want to carry our values? Nolan is a proven fundraiser—the most of any Minnesota DFL congressional candidates and a better record than any of the other potential gubernatorial candidates.

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About us

The Coalition to Draft Rick Nolan for Governor is a grassroots movement that transcends the urban-rural divide exposed by the 2016 election. The Coalition is a multi-generational movement that unites centrists, progressives and everyone in between behind the belief that the DFL Party, and the State of Minnesota, needs the principled, progressive leadership of Congressman Rick Nolan as Minnesota’s 41st Governor.


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